Nuits et noirs Nr. 2 is now online! “Eigengrau” is my contribution to the magazine and you can see it in part 3, “Shapes of the night”, here: et noirs is an online magazine curated by R\A\W F\O\R\M\S and consists of six visual parts and a sound project:
Group exhibition at DdA Factory in Cagliari (Sardegna)

July 2014 @ DdA Factory. Aina Climent Belart
“Silent vertigo”
One of the first photographs I took this year. Taken on January 1st 2014 when dawn was
breaking. It’s my shadow projected over a cold white wall with a dark spot. There’s also the
shadow of a railing, which continues on the other half of the picture, where everything gets

suddenly darker, wilder and disturbingly suggesting.