My friend Karl asked me to use this photograph of mine to illustrate the online cover for the new song of his band Via Fondo ( It meant a lot to me that he had thought of me or more precisely about this concrete photograph I took this summer to express the feeling of this song, which has this beautifully sad story behind it:"Humula is the place where I spent all my summers growing up. A cabin by a lake in the middle of Finland. I was kind of the only child there, but things were all good during those long vacations. I had a small, yet infinite fantasy world where everything was possible. I did not identify myself as a boy back then, like many of the years that followed, I tried to do what was expected from me genderwise. The lyrics of the song is basically just namedropping special places, persons and events from Humula. We had to tear the cabin down this summer, and leave the place, due to a decision made by the land owner, jyväskyla municipality. Feels unreal that it’s all gone.”// karl, via fondo